The lush Caprivi and the incredible Victoria Falls

    Instead of going back to Windhoek, you will take the Kavango road in the north-east of the country! You will have the chance to discover new landscapes, like nowhere else in Namibia.

    The entrance to the Kavango region will jump out at you thanks to of its much lusher nature and its proximity with the Botswana ecosystem. We will accommodate you around the small town of Rundu, where you will discover the culture of the Mbunza in the heart of their village. 

    Before entering the Caprivi region, you can stop off in Divundu. You will already be at the doorstep of the Okavango only a few minutes away from Angola and Botswana. Discover the local wildlife and culture around the river by boat or by visiting the surrounding villages but also the Popa Falls.

    Caprivi is the very last region before entering Botswana. You will pass through Kwando Park and its river as well as across the Mashi River to spot hippos, crocodiles, elephants, leopards or even their famous wild dogs. We will also recommend you find out more about the Mafwe culture.

    Once your visa given at the borders, you will start exploring the incredible Victoria Falls. We will accommodate you in our selection of lodges for a minimum of 2 nights and you will finally discover the Falls and its various experiences available depending on the season! You could also consider a day trip to Chobe in Botswana if you have enough time.

The Black Sheep's choice

Un jour dans la tribu Mbunza - Delta de l'Okavango

Spend a day in the tribe of Mbunza by experiencing their daily life in their traditional village but also sharing some magical moment such as singing and dancing altogether. You will even have the chance to produce your own knife or bow and arrow to bring back home – how cool is that!

Pêche dans la bande de Caprivi - Namibie

Because fishing in the Caprivi is an institution – we will take you fishing like locals do!