Who’s behind The Black Sheep?

Nope! It’s not a proper « Black Sheep » but two young explorers who never walked on the formal path and never liked to follow the herd. This is where “The Black Sheep” comes from.

Their names are Justine & Amandine, they’re young and dynamic, and are respectively from the West Coast and East of France. One of their many common points is that they chose to establish their “Home Sweet Home” in South Africa for the past few years already.



They are some of those who practice their passion as their full-time job and always keen on discovering new cultures. They are aware that tourism needs to be sustainable and responsible. This is why they are doing their utmost in order to plan the most amazing trip to their “Black Sheep” community while working closely with partners sharing their values.

The team then expanded with two great “Travel gurus”: Mathilde and Félicie. They share the same ideology of travel and the same passion for Southern Africa that they transmit to travelers.



Their values

Respect one another and the environment

Transparency towards our travelers and partners

Sharing experiences and mutual enrichment

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