Our commitment towards local resources and the planet

Because we keep hearing about sustainable tourism, eco-responsible trips or even slow tourism, and as travelers, we may get confused. This is why we have decided to explain to you what The Black Sheep’s actions are.

A quick reminder that sustainable tourism needs to consider 3 major impacts: ecology, economy and the social.

The Black Sheep are aware of the traveler’s willingness (and ours!) to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. We also wish to help and volunteer more by collaborating with the local communities. We can all be part of this movement. It starts on the daily basis with simple actions and also through education. It is difficult to tell how many communities in Africa don’t have access to a great education or to any education at all and where the everyday issues take over the global ecological problems.

Let’s start from the perspective of a lodge that employs members of the local community which thereby allowing locals to make a living. These same locals are then able to send their children to school and feed them thus getting them out of precarious situations, while also putting in place ecological systems (solar panels, water saving…). Let’s learn to see the big picture.

Beyond selecting cautiously our local partners, The Black Sheep has decided to take actions. We have made our commitment to 3 NGOs, that we both believe in and that are already part of our personal lives.