Step away

from the herd

Want to explore Southern Africa?

Are you looking for a dynamic and local partner to guide you in your travel project?

Is your priority to have a positive impact while traveling?

Great new, you are definitely on the right page!

The Black Sheep Agency was born from the desire to organize trips around Southern Africa for our family, friends, former colleagues, friends of friends … in the same way that we had the chance to discover the different destination.

Today, we’d like to share, with you future travelers, our passion combined with our expertise!

With excellent partnerships with local collaborators and a keen eye on what’s happening on this side of the world, we also have a great local knowledge. From high-end experiences but also “roots” trips, we have what you need.

Our playground

They trusted us

Why travel with The Black Sheep?

An independent agency based in Sothern Africa

A 24/7 French and English support and friendly service combined with digital travel documents available before and during your trip.

Objective and personalized advice as well as a unique interlocutor to meet your needs

A true passion for Southern Africa

Vast local expertise

A carefully selected group of local partners corresponding to our values